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70 years later.

   A frail body laying down on the white bed. The smell of a hospital lingering out in the room. This was the room of the great Black Swordsman. The hero who beat the Death Game known as Sword Art Online. He could remember it like it was yesterday. How he was trapped inside there. At least he met the love of his life within that game. Asuna Yuuki. Such a beautiful girl. She was older than him when the first met in Sword Art Online by one year. Though that didn’t matter to them. They were in love, of course they had their hardships. As of now she was in a better place. She had passed one. She had died of old age, she had a wonderful life with Kirito. Which is name is Kazuto Kirigaya. They did get married. They did have a child. They named her Yui, like the virtual daughter they had in Sword Art Online. They loved her just as much. They both received the same amount of love. Kirito was crying as he was laying there on the white bed. He was remembering everything. He knew he was going to die. He was getting ready to meet with Asuna. The one holding his hand at the moment was his daughter, Yui. She was there with her second child who was only five years old. The other daughter was nineteen years old. At least they know the story of his. His daughter and granddaughter were both crying. They didn’t want him to pass away.

   His grip grew tightly onto Yui’s hand. Kirito gave her a big bright smile. He still was the same like he was back in Sword Art Online, he didn’t want to let anyone die while he was there, but in this situation he wanted to make sure that his family would be alright when he’s gone. Though while he was smiling he was still crying. The tears flowing down his face. He didn’t have that many wrinkles for being old. He maintained himself. Though, it was his time. He’s eighty-seven years old right now. ” Listen to me, Yui.. Me and your mother had always loved you. We will continue to love you. Right now.. She is still watching over you and your daughters. She’s even watching over me.. But my time is coming and it’s almost time for me to ’ log out ’ and be with her, Yui. ” With that being said he coughed a little. Yui’s grip grew tighter on Kirito’s hand. She got up a bit while holding her daughter. ” It’s okay.. ” He told her. She easily calmed down. Sitting back down on the chair. Kirito reached to his side where the counter was at. Taking hold of something which was precious to him. It was the old beaten up nerve gear that he never got rid of. He placed it onto his abdominal region. ” I want you to treasure this, Yui.. This is something that you should never lose. Your virtual sister, Yui’s storage is in this.. Since with the technology now.. You can actually bring her to life in the real world.. Do this for me… I want her to live a life with you.. I want you to show her the real world.. And this is a memento for you to remember me by.. ” His eyes closed for a bit. The tears still flowing.

   The machine which was connected to him started to make noises. Yui began to freak out and get nervous. Yet again, Kirito calmed down his daughter. ” Calm down.. Please.. ” His eyes opened as they were staring directly at his daughter which looked so much like, Asuna. She had her facial structure and everything. The only thing different was the hair color. She had his. Yui couldn’t stop crying. Kirito raised his upper body. Now he was sitting. The nerve gear now sitting on his lap. He motioned his hand towards his daughter’s face. He would wipe the tears away, but they continue to pour down her face. He didn’t care. As long as he was able to wipe her tears away that was fine with him. Suddenly he fell back. His arm had fell, but it still wiped away a few tears. As he fell back, he had a smile on his face. Crying as well. He said; ” I love you.. Yui.. ” He was gone. He had finally ’ logged out. ’ His grip loosened on his daughter’s hand. The machine would make the flatline noise. Indicating he was dead. Yui gazed at the window. It was already nighttime. She had saw something. It was Kirito when he was younger as his Sword Art Online avatar. Right there, Yui knew that she was being watched over by him too. The image of him appeared in front of her. It gave her a smile. It placed a hand on her face and tried to wipe away the tears. She knew it didn’t work, but she didn’t care. She felt the warmth of his hand though when that happened. She said in a raspy voice; ” I love you too, papa. ” She smiled back at it. It disappeared.. ” Goodbye, papa..” The nurses came rushing in. They escorted her out the room. There she leaned against the door holding her daughter. She cried for hours and hours. It seemed her tears were endless. Then her husband came to her side. She had told him what happened. He decided to take her back home. This was the final ending for the Black Swordsman Kirito.


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this could be funny

This is actually funny.

datbeaterswag whispered: " I love your thighs.. "




"Why thank you—my brother seems to not appreciate them." 

" You should receive more compliments than that.. I mean just look at it.. My god. "


// Touches the butt.

"Why thank you! Good to know someone likes it!" 


His raven black hues gazing directly at the other’s large rear end. It was beautiful. So beautiful he just wanted for her to sit directly on his face. It was such a weird desire for him. He never thought like this. But this time. Oh no.. He wanted the booty. He craved the booty. He wanted to touch the booty.. He wanted to lick the booty. You can call him the straight booty warrior. 

" Hey little momma let me whisper in yah ear. "


single, not sure how to mingle

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This is the song.

I’ve got nowhere left to hide
no time left for a compromise
do I push back harder than I have before
or just fall if I can’t decide?
that danger is real, I feel it all the time
so I wear it in the name to remind me why
everything I gave up or I left behind
just to be where i am tonight, yeah

but you can’t touch me, I can’t be touched
you can’t hold me, the weight’s too much
you can’t buy me, I have no price
I have no backup, I have no crutch
one last attempt, all-out attack
and if you push me, i’ll push you back
and should I fall, you’ll go down with me
make sure you remember that

do you have what it takes to loosen the vice?
you live the excuse but it comes with a price
if you’ve got nothing at all
you’ve got nothing to lose
if you’re too scared to choose
then what are you waiting for?

there’s nothing left inside of me
cause i’ve given everything
you see it in my eyes
i’m ready to die
i’m ready to die for this

so give me your worst

you have to decide what sets you apart
if passion is dead or defines who you are
you can forgive, but never forget
if you’re scared of the scars 
then you’re already dead
you’re already dead

so say the worst thing
the worst thing you can say to me

this is what it all comes down to
you either bend or you break
will you destroy what destroys you?
if you give it all up they can’t take it away.


■ - Violent headcanon

♦ - Emotional headcanon

✿ - Happy headcanon

● - Sad headcanon

♠ - Painful headcanon

♥ - Love headcanon

♡ - Sex headcanon

☆ - Appearence headcanon

☠ - Death headcanon

♒ - Family headcanon

☮ - Friendship headcanon

▼ - Childhood headcanon

∇ - Old age headcanon

☄ - Food headcanon

★ - Education headcanon






"Kirito…" Kaito approached him. “I want to duel you… Nothing against you… But I wanna see how much stronger I’ve gotten… I want to know if I’ve finally surpassed you…" he explained to Kirito as he sent him a duel request and hand his hands on his swords ready to fight Kirito.

A familiar being which stood before him. It had the same kind of figure as him. Glancing at the message which popped up on his hud. A request for a duel.. He wasn’t going to deny it. Simply moving his index finger to click the accept button. Doing so would engage the start of the duel.

" Alright then.. Let’s just see if you can then.. " A tense atmosphere was spreading through the area. Maybe because of what was about to happen. His hands moving to the back side of his cranium as it would grip onto the handles of his blades. Unsheathing them. Now holding them firmly in front of himself.


He smirked and unsheathed his own blades… One of them was pitch black, pulsating darkness and the other of which was extremely bright, almost like a heavenly glow. His eyes were glowing red now as he looked at his opponent. "Ladies first." he joked.


Even with that statement being a joke, he didn’t like it one bit. He thought of it as being mocked. He cared about being strongest. Not the weakest. Which those words just said he applied all of his force onto the balls of his feet. Doing so he would launch himself at the other with quick speed. Though he did not attack right away. ” Thanks. “


He simply laughed at Kirito’s reaction and casually swatted the sword away from his throat and swung his sword at Kirito’s back which was now open for attack. “You know you should keep your guard up more in your back.” he didn’t hit him with the sword. He kicked him. He wanted to toy with him a bit.

Taking the kick to the back. That stunned him a little as he staggered forward. Not falling though, since he caught his balance. Turning around to face the other. ” I always keep my guard. I could have ended this duel right now if I wanted to. I’m not going serious at the moment.. But if you want me to all you have to do is ask me. ” This was getting boring to the beater. Toying around wasn’t really a thing he took fond of. 

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